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Catalogue 207 - Spring 2017

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The Season progresses nicely into Spring here in Suffolk and this folk longen to goon on pilgrimage in Aprille, at least as far as London & Oxenford. We will be at the Bloomsbury Holiday Inn for the Illustrated, Children's & Modern First Editions Book Fair on April 8th. Then on April 22nd & 23rd we can be found at the two-day Premier Oxford Fair, which will be held at the Brookes University Wheatley Campus again this year. Free admission is available via the PBFA website:, or if you have no truck with the world wide web, I'll be pleased to send you a complimentary ticket via the Royal Mail. As ever, those who plan to attend are urged to let me know of any special requests which I will endeavour to fulfil.

This General Catalogue will be followed in a couple of months by 'The Bookplate Reference Library of Peter Allpress'. Please let me know if you would like a copy.

Our cover picture is taken from item 119.
Part I - Books published before 1716
Part II - Books published 1716-1832
Part III - Books published after 1832
  • Literature & History
  • Travel & Topography
  • Art, Illustrated & Children's Books
  • Natural History, Sport, &c.

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