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Catalogue 199 - Autumn 2013

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Suffolk books

An especially rewarding period of buying since the last Suffolk catalogue has produced a fine crop of some of the finest, most important and scarce titles on the county, including Gardner's Dunwich, Gillingwater's Lowestoft and Muskett's Sufolk Manorial Familes. Sadly I have but one copy of each of these desired rarities so more customers may be disappointed than rewarded when they come to order. On the plus side, I have duplicates of many other standard histories not always to be found on our shelves. Wake's Southwold, Leslie's Landguard Fort, Suckling's Suffolk, Gage's Thingoe Hundred, & many others, are - for the time being at least - to be found in some profusion here.

Along with these treasures a great many less expensive titles of Suffolk interest have arrived which threatened to take the catalogue well over the 1000 item mark (& Lord knows what postage cost). So I have acknowledgeded (just a little) one of the great advantages of the digital world and posted a larger catalogue on the website. However, the 'missing' items from the printed version are all available on request in printed form. Initially, supplementary lists of Ipswich, Essex, Norfolk & Suffolk Literature have been prepared. But these lists are intended to be customer-driven (dread phrase), so if you just want to know of all that I have on, say, Lowestoft, please ask and all will be revealed.

Most of these books are NOT in the shop so please let me know in advance if you would like to see anything there. The cover picture, 'A Suffolk Farm' by George Frost, will be exhibited for sale at the Aldeburgh Gallery, October 17-23, where we will also be showing other Suffolk art and many of the books in this catalogue

    Part I - The History, Topography & Literature of the County of Suffolk
    Part II - Special Offer from our Publications & Distribution List
    Part III - Essex
    Part IV - Norfolk
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